Character Design

The characters designed by Mori Shu possess a different marketing position and are called “comforting characters” in Asia. Not only are they adorable, but they are also designed with the intention to inspire people who are feeling depressed.  Looking at cute pictures can produce endorphins in the human brain, thereby creating a positive comforting effect in one's emotions.


character 1

Mochi Rabbit

Mochi rabbits have a soft, flexible body who love to play hide and seek. Because of their sweet tooth, you are likely to find them hidden in ice cream, cakes, cafes, and even candles. The design is inspired by combining desserts with the cute body of rabbits. This is an adorable illustration, and at the same time, triggers the emotions of consuming these delectable desserts.


character 2

Bubble Sheep

The origin of their name should be very clear! They look just like bubble foam and are good at hide-and-seek. They are shy and hidden so nobody can find them. If you are lucky, you will see a gathering of them showing up around you. Open your eyes! Can you find where they are? 


character 3

Dumpling Cat

Do you like steamed dumplings? Have you seen them before? Don’t you think the soft, white, whiskered cat face resembles that of a tasty dumpling? The dumpling cat and Mochi rabbit are a family, who both share the same interests, which include, cooking, photography, and having a voracious appetite for watermelon.