mochi Rabbit

Mochi rabbits have a soft, flexible body who love to play hide and seek. Because of their sweet tooth, you are likely to find them hidden in ice cream, cakes, cafes, and even candles. The design is inspired by combining desserts with the cute body of rabbits. This is an adorable illustration, and at the same time, triggers the emotions of consuming these delectable desserts.


The Secrets of Mochi Rabbits

Age: always 3 years old
Height: 3 strawberries tall
Personality: naughty
Favorite: cakes and vanilla ice cream
Talent: flexibility and hiding

Hello, everyone! we are Mochi Rabbits. We are forever 3 years old and always feeling excited
and curious to explore the unknown world.
We love sweets and playing hide and seek.
Our special talent is our incredible flexibility.

How i CREATE? 

Illustration has the power of imagination. It makes it possible for me to create anything I wish in my mind. By the infinite imagination, I shaped the rabbit's soft body into the ice-cream cone which evokes happiness in every viewer's heart and mind. A herd of playful rabbits are melting from ice cream under the hot summer time. This is how Mochi Rabbit was born.



Another notable feature for Mochi rabbits is when two of them are hugging each other. Their compact rolling shape is exactly like a white dumpling ball.  They soon camouflage themselves into Xiao long Bao - the most popular dish in Taiwan. Mochi rabbits definitely show their skill at flexibility and hiding, as well as their naughty personality. 

how to make a mochi rabbit



In addition, developing Mochi Rabbit required a simple and distinctive shape. Drawing them vividly in a few different postures and checking from various angles were crucial in this stage.


FullSizeRender (5).jpg

Make sure that drawing them again and again isn’t a tedious job. It requires both a fundamental standard and creative ingenuity. 

What is going to happen?

challenge & future

When it comes to marketing a character, storytelling was one of the most challenging parts for me. I didn't realize this until my recent participation in a marketing course. Storytelling is the most effective way that people can easily remember, and at helping people relate to my characters. Therefore, , when I am telling the story about Mochi Rabbit, I have to create an experience that resonates with my viewers.


Now, I am starting to create Mochi rabbits' picture books for children along with an emphasis on education events which describes the Mochi rabbits' adventurous journey. In fact, it is crucial to think dynamically about the future in every design and using it to improve our lives. My hope is that the characters I design are not only adorable but also able to inspire children's imagination and power their creative minds.