Asian Food series

This goes out to all the Taiwanese food lovers - my homesick food series. While traveling abroad, what will make you homesick?  I got inspirations when I began to miss the food in Taiwan. Bubble tea, mango ice and xiao long bao are my favorite Taiwanese comfort foods. Mochi rabbits and Bubble sheep are hiding inside those dishes. Can you count how many of them there are in total?

Dumpling cat Guidebook

Guidebook is the most crucial component for licensing a character, and the entire manufacturing process needs to follow this guideline. Producing the concept of the character and progressing the aesthetic design is the most challenging part. The beginning stages of character setting is the most difficult part, more so than anything else, but it gets easier from that point on. Not everything is going to go smoothly without a hitch, only continuously revising ,improving and redrawing will enrich the character. 

Mochi Rabbit French Sweets Series

French desserts are widely acknowledged for their delicate, elegant and irresistibly fine flavors. I can still remember the unforgettable mix of rose cream and lychee sandwiched between two macaron shells. The unique flavour combinations surprised my taste buds. Here are some french desserts that will make you want to fly to Paris. 

Bubble Sheep Series

Hide and seek is the inspiration for this series. Unlike the Mochi rabbits series targeted at a female audience, I started Bubble sheep from the perspective of a male's daily life. Beard shaving, curly hair shampooing and beer drinking are all essential tasks for men everyday. Bringing ideas beyond imagination and challenging all assumptions and thinking are my core value for this series. 

Mochi Rabbit sweet Series

In my previous experience , illustration has been considered of less importance than graphic design. However, illustration has the power of imagination. It makes it possible for us to create anything we wish in our minds. The sweets series is the first collection where Mori Shu started. By the infinite imagination, I shaped the rabbit's soft body into the ice-cream cone which evokes happiness in your heart and mind. Nothing makes me happier than knowing my art has the power to make others smile

Mochi Rabbit Holiday series

Creating a successful character guidebook requires being able to trigger a consumer’s pleasant emotions in order to enrich the product experience. When it comes to marketing a character, designing different holiday themes is one of the most crucial parts for a guidebook. It requires fundamentals, standard and creative ingenuity. I was continuously observing the relevant consumer insights to create different themes in this character guidebook.