Bubble Sheep

The origin of their name should be very clear! They look just like bubble foam and are good at hide-and-seek. They are shy and hidden so nobody can find them. If you are lucky, you will see a gathering of them showing up around you. Open your eyes! Can you find where they are? 


The secret of Bubble sheep

Name:Bubble sheep
Age:2 years old
Skill:Hide and seek
Personality:Shy and easy blush

Hello, everyone!  
We are Bubble sheep
with a white and fluffy shape.
We just turned 2 years old
and still love to play water and peekoboo.
We are shy when you smile at us.  
It's very nice to meet you guys!  (blush)

FullSizeRender (6).jpg

Hide and seek is the inspiration for Bubble sheep. Unlike the Mochi rabbits series targeted at a female audience, I started Bubble sheep from the perspective of a male's daily life. Beard shaving, curly hair shampooing and beer drinking are all essential tasks for men everyday.

Bringing ideas beyond imagination and challenging all assumptions and thinking are my core value for this series. Unlike the liquid-form Mochi Rabbit, Bubble sheep has a round shape with curly strokes. It has the perfect contour to fit any organism in the world. 

The Rice Series

I got a lot of feedback when I first released the rice series. I grew up in Taiwan where the rice is part of our daily diet. Luckily, the whole design process of this series just happened naturally to me. In Asia, we consume rice almost everyday and developed a diverse and fascinating rice culture. As a result, everyone looks so vibrant when they see Bubble sheep camouflage themselves as rice. This series was so close to our life, so that experience resonates with everyone. 

It makes me very happy to see people smile when viewing this rice series. Just like I always said "nothing makes me happier than knowing my art has the power to make others smile."