Pixel Husky project

Pixel husky is a design club at the University of Washington, that holds an annual design event, the Pixel Project.  In this project, I collaborated with design professionals using an iterative approach to solve a real world design problem for Stabilitas, a security technology company,  looking to grow their marketing efforts to in order to attract potential customers.  The final deliverable was a storytelling landing page that supported their marketing campaign. 

【 Final design 】

【 Design Process


Promoting Stabilitas to our target customers as a great product they need and should use.  Create a unique storyboard demo that presented the core functions and values of Stabilitas.


  • Explored Stabilitas' security products and services.
  • Reserached the competitors in the existing market and analyzed their websites.
  • Identified major pain points : Security teams typically have a lot of manual work, and have to deal with inconvenient, non interactive methods of communication with travelers.

Decide on improvements

  • Reorganize the information hierarchy to add clarity.
  •  Allow customer to fill up the opt-in form anytime.
  • Increase the brand awareness and credibility.
  • Revamp the visual design to add beauty and credibility
  • Follow the communications architecture to deliver a good branding image and marketing message.


According to the research, I set our target audience as security teams and company owners. I followed a step by step process by first identifying the problems Stabilitas is trying to solve, and then using this to drive the design of our landing page. I created a clean and neat wireframe for getting feedback from mentors. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 11.51.45 AM.png

Iterate form feedback

Based on the feedback received from the wireframe deliverable, I revised the layout density, especially the headings. In addition, I made the opt-in form more enticing so more users would be more inclined to fill it out. 

Final design details

I proposed 3 key images to address Stabilitas' core features. I wanted to attract customers with the key selling point that stabilities would provide the security and protection needed by travelers to get peace of mind. The protection includes: care for employees, support tools for the security team, and keeping the company running safely. The core features as listed in my design:

  1. Stabiitas applies artificial intelligence for safety.
    We help you to - Make the right decision in a crisis using data-driven intelligence.
  2. It’s an Instant security awareness tool.
    We help you Stay situationally aware and get help in an emergency
  3. With Stabilitas, you travel with peace of mind
    Our integrated platform keeps you safe wherever you go.

I also emphasized the benefits of using stabilitas' products, by reminding users that Stabilitas helps travelers and provides support to organizations for a safer world. Its integrated platform provides benefits for you, including real-time information, effortless interaction and powerful security tools.


Stabilitas' target customers are enterprises; however, it is still important to let customers how Stabilitas works. In their existing website, usage of the product is not clear. By simplifying the complicated procedure, Stabilitas could attract security teams and companies owner much more effortlessly.

Credibility is also crucial for building strong customer relationships, so I chose to highlight the success stories and awards in the landing page as well. It powerfully influences customers without telling them what to do.